Frequently Asked Questions

• What file types are supported?
We support Word, PDF, Power Point, Excel, Canvas, SVG, PNG, and others.
Call ahead to make sure if you have a question.

• How do I place an order?
1. Ensure file is one of those we can download and use. (See file type
2. Send the file to quickorder@foremostprinting.com
3. If the file is too large, it can be sent via Dropbox, Google, etc.

• What is your turn-around time?
We can have most files in-work same day. Completion average is 2-3
business days, depending on the project.

• What are your shipping options?
1. In-house pickup
2. Free local delivery (Kent, Renton) for orders over $30.00.
3. UPS, USPS, FedEx

• How do I place a re-order?
If at the time of the order there is a request to hold the file for re-order, we
hold the file on our server for one year. Otherwise, a new file must be sent
with each order.

• How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?
Although we try to match the colors as closely as possible, the colors of the
final piece might differ from the colors you see on your screen or a printout
from an inkjet or laser jet printer. Because of the wide differences in monitor
calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not
match the colors exactly on your specific monitor. If you have a specific color
that needs to be matched, providing a PMS (Pantone Matching System)
number including if it’s RGB (Red Green Blue) or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta,
Yellow, Black) will help us match as close as possible.

• What resolution should my graphics file be?
For best printing results, please make your image file resolution at least
300dpi (Dots Per Inch) at actual size of the image to be printed.

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