Foremost Printing is All About
Personal Service

When you take your printing project to Foremost Printing in Kent, Washington, you'll get the best quality product with the most personal service at a reasonable price within a reasonable time. You'll be treated with care and respect as an individual while we listen to your printing needs. Working with you to meet or exceed your expectations is exciting to us!

Across the commercial printing industry, you'll find that most printers don't really pay attention to details like Foremost printing does. Other printers may just take your file and run the print job without discussing your requirements, the application of the printing project, and the details that are important to you. At Foremost Printing, we'll ask you about the media (the material on which your message is printed) and the graphics (to make sure they are of the best quality and that they correctly communicate your message) and other factors to ensure you receive a quality product!

Your print job will be completed on the best equipment available. In addition to having a variety of equipment options in our shop, we also partner with a number of commercial printers throughout the Seattle area – some who are specialists in various aspects of printing – to make sure your print job is completed using the right equipment based on your requirements. It's like having a friend in the printing business with virtually unlimited printing resources!

Consistency – that's the basic criteria for everything we do. If we can't produce excellent results for you, we won't take the job. At the same time, we'll always be happy to work with you on how you can optimize the quality based on your requirements.

Whether you're a small mom-and-pop business to an executive with a large company, you've come to the right place for personal service and excellent quality printing. If you're a PTA creating posters, a non-profit organization in need of training manuals, or an individual who just needs to print a few hundred "lost dog" flyers, we can help you. Whether you need a single copy in person or millions of copies delivered to multiple locations, we can help you. If you're a business who needs the same forms or business cards reprinted periodically, we can store your job on our server for easy access in the future. If you're located in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Renton, Kent, Federal Way or any city in the Puget Sound area, contact Foremost Printing.

You'll have our promise to be responsive to your printing needs and requirements with consistent quality, timely job completion, and reasonable pricing. Contact us today and tell us what you need to have printed!




How Foremost Printing
Got its Start

Foremost Printing (originally named "The Copy Cat") was started in 1989 to support my oldest son, Joe, in his DECA club activities. One day he came home really visibly upset. When I asked him the source of his displeasure he replied in his frustration, "Dad, there is not a single place from Buckley to Sumner to have copies made. The closest is Puyallup. Didn't you study to be a printer?" Well, he had me there. With his help and persistence, we proceeded to obtain a black and white copier (producing a "blazing" 10 sheets per minute) to support his club. Soon, other people in the area found out I had a copier and began asking me to copy materials for them. Joe, being the entrepreneur that he was, suggested I get a business license. I realized I was having fun and had a passion for printing, so I did. In 2009, we changed the name to "Foremost Printing" to more closely align our name with our business intent – to make your printing needs "foremost".

– Ken O'Brien
Foremost Printing
Ken O'Brien-Owner/Operator, Foremost Printing
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